Tailgate Handle Backup Rear View Camera for Heritage Ford F Series Truck 97-07

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$139.99 $279.99

New direct fit Replacement Tailgate Handle with integrated Color Backup Camera for 1997-2004 F150, 1999-2007 F250, 1999-2007 F350.
This handle replaces your existing tailgate latch and includes a 26 foot long RCA cable.

LCD sold separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Only compatible with Heritage style tailgate latches. This latch does not have a receptacle for a lock cylinder and you will not be able to lock or unlock the tailgate with the key any longer once this part is installed. There is not enough space on the face of the latch to fit both.

Please check the  compatibility list below while using the pictures in the gallery to verify vehicle compatibility.

1997 Ford F-150
1998 Ford F-150
1999 Ford F-150
2000 Ford F-150
2001 Ford F-150
2002 Ford F-150
2003 Ford F-150
2004 Ford F-150 Heritage models (XL, XLT, Lightning)
1999 Ford F-250
2000 Ford F-250
2001 Ford F-250
2002 Ford F-250
2003 Ford F-250
2004 Ford F-250
2005 Ford F-250
2006 Ford F-250
2007 Ford F-250
1999 Ford F-350
2000 Ford F-350
2001 Ford F-350
2002 Ford F-350
2003 Ford F-350
2004 Ford F-350
2005 Ford F-350
2006 Ford F-350
2007 Ford F-350 XLT and Lariat (EXCLUDES XL MODELS)

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