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We started in 2006 selling and installing backup cameras and other car electronics to southern California car dealerships we were using Kenwood and Pioneer camera’s the quality was great but the price point was hi so we went on a mission to find high quality high resolution backup camera’s at a affordable price point .

The first Backup Camera’s we brought in for testing had a green tint to the image and out of three one smoked and stopped working. So we continued on our  mission to find HI Quality HI resolution backup camera’s at an affordable price now we have dozens of products.

We Now assemble and manufacture all the brackets for all Tailgate Camera’s in house and We have a supplier that manufactures for Ford Dodge Toyota and Nissan.

Every New camera we bring in is fully tested and submerged in water so we know we are not selling a inferior product.

located in Monterey California   email or call with any questions  888-830-0561 

Visit  www.backup-camera.com  For everything car backup camera related 

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