Super Bright 6 LED backup Camera illumination light

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Super Bright 6 LED backup Camera illumination light. Auxiliary Reverse Light Enhances Backup camera performance at night. Solid state  SMD (Surface Mount Device)

Original reverse lights can provide, lower quality light and don’t illuminate the ground necessary for the best backup camera image. The 6 LED provides a great solution to this problem. 

Light Base Size: 70mm (2.75in) x 40mm (1.57in) x 30mm (1.18in)

Light Wiring: Approx. 6.5 FT (2 m)
Led Color: Bright White


1.Clean surface thoroughly.
2.Remove rear case liner, pass harness through reverse light housing gap to inside of trunk.
3.Use clips to secure the auxiliary light wiring harness into reverse light harness or splice / wire directly.
4.Adhere adhesive tape to back of light. Remove backing tape and mount firmly to any downward facing surface.

1 x Auxiliary pavement illumination light.
1 x Double sided adhesive
2 x Wire holder
2 x Metal screws (Not needed when the adhesive is firmly fixed)

Customer Reviews

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Daniel S.
Small but helpful!

The first thing I thought when I powered this up, was Wow! It's very small (about the size of a backup camera), and blends in very well into the car. You almost cannot see it at all when it is off. It illuminates a very wide area (almost 180 degrees), and is very bright. It lights up any objects in your blindspots, and also illuminates parking spot lines very well. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone wanting a quick and easy solution to improve the visibility of there backup camera.

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