Chevy Colorado 2004-2012 Tailgate Handle Camera


$129.99 $149.99

New direct fit Replacement Tailgate Handle with integrated Color Backup Camera for 2004-2012 Colorado 

• Engineered ABS Housing 
• Resolution (TV LINES): 600  for outstanding color, contrast, and clarity!
• Minimum illumination: <0.2 Lux - for Outstanding night vision!
• Angle: 150°
• Working Voltage: 9-16V
• Operating Temp: -22-+176°F
• Water-proof: IP67-IP68
• Video System: NTSC (Color) 
• Image: Mirror / Standard Selectable 
• Selectable Parking Guidance Line
• Body Color: Black (B) 

PLEASE NOTE: This handle  does not come with a lock cylinder you will need to install your lock cylinder in this handle. LCD sold separately.

Works with  2004-2012 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joe Russo
Great Camera with minor complaints

This was a moderately easy to install on my 2005 Colorado. The most difficult part was routing the cable into the cab. I don't think there would be enough cable included if I had the extended or crew cab for the path I took. I routed it through the firewall, down the engine bay and back under the truck while tucking it in the factory wiring harness. This was the only wiring penetration I could find for the cab and I didn't want to drill a hole in the cab and silicone it up. The whole install took 3 hours and I'm very happy that there is an included reverse camera power signal that goes to the receiver of the truck. The Metra wiring harness i purchased separately had a connection for reverse but it didn't work (maybe because my truck is a manual?). Luckily the reverse signal on this camera works quickly and consistently. The image quality isn't quite as good as I was hoping but it is more than clear enough for a backup camera! It starts up quick when power is applied and it's really awesome to have a backup camera. One last minor gripe is the quick disconnect is located in an awkward place. I was hoping to have it be detachable so I could remove the tailgate if required but I had to use some of the cable length from the camera to makeup for the shortness of the main cable run so now my disconnect is in the back of the truck under the bed. I don't remove the tailgate often so it's not a big deal... Just not preferred. Overall, really great quality wire just odd disconnect location camera looks great, fit was perfect and installation wasn't too bad but there aren't instructions included on how to route the cable.

M Bever
Love this camera

This is a great camera. The picture is clear. The attached photos were taken between 7:45 & 8:15pm. I wish I had gotten the backup camera sooner! I have a Boss audio system. The camera angle is slightly different in each photo as I was looking for the angle that was best for me.

John Reichard
Back Up Camera

Works as advertised. I am happy with the way it works and would recommend the camera to all that need a back up camera for their truck.

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