2013-16 Backup Camera kit For Ford OEM 4.2" LCD

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$349.99 $499.99

Factory-style backup camera system for the 2013-2016 Ford F series trucks 

Emblem camera and a custom video interface module for activating backup camera functionality on Ford’s OE 4.2-inch LCD screens

  • CCD color camera 600 Tv lines 
  • 170-degree wide angle view
  • Selectable parking grid lines
  • Custom video interface module

Customer Reviews

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Good Service

Had an issue and a replacement harness was sent very quickly.

Eric Parkes
Works great

Everything hooked up and worked great. The Part number of my Display was not in the included or excluded list in the instructions. The instructions do need to be updated to clarify a few of the hook up details, as it’s only partial. With a lot of electrical knowledge it’s not a problem but would be a challenge for those without a lot of electrical knowledge.

David Garza
Excellent camera kit for 2013 Ford F150

This kit is amazing. Although the instructions weren’t the best, I am giving it five stars because all pieces were there and the diagram helps you understand the connections in the grand picture. I would advise some goo gone for removing the sticky glue from your old Ford emblem, the black wire cover from your local hardware (I bought 1/2 and 3/8 combo totaling 17 ft for 5 bucks) electrical tape and some tap splitters to tap into your 12v cigarette lighter for power to the camera. I like the back up lines, but they can easy be removed with connecting two wires. The harness is awesome and even allows for a front camera (I don’t plan to install one.). You will also want zip ties too. The plastic tool kit to remove panels is helpful and essential to avoid damaging panels. I would also set up all connections and test before routing wire thru cab. If you aren’t handy, I would advise paying for install, but kit has everything needed to pull rear image from your 4.2 Ford factory screen. Kit was less expensive from other places too. Videos online can help you understand which panels you need to remove to access screen and even how to route wires. Again, the kit is perfect if you want a rear camera to use with your Ford factory 4.2 screen. Shipping was fast too,

David Barnes
Great Installation and works as promised.

Instruction aren’t the clearest, but the installation was completed and everything works as promised. The kit was great and all the needed items are included. A great OEM fit and look!

Larry Toering
2013 F150 camera

Awesome OEM install. Took 1.5 hours and works great!

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