2010-2013 Tundra HD Camera Kit With OEM Wiring Harness

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This is an OEM fit Tundra backup camera kit that is plug and play with your factory wiring!

This kit utilizes our ultra clear HD camera in a factory Tundra OEM handle. Comes Pre-Wired with a factory rear harness and it is plug and play into your existing wiring, making the installation time less than 15 minutes! Finally see what is behind your vehicle while keeping your truck OEM!

Base kit includes:

  • Factory Toyota tailgate camera handle
  • Super CMOS 3 HD night vision camera pre-mounted - Latest camera technology for the ultimate in color, contrast, and clarity!
  • OEM pre-loomed rear harness - plug right into your factory wiring harness

Camera Specifications:

  • Super CMOS HD chip - outstanding color, contrast, and clarity!
  • 170 degree view
  • 600 TV lines of resolution High Definition
  • 0.2 lux illumination - for Outstanding night vision!

This kit allows you to see what is directly behind the truck - it will even see the rear bumper and hitch!

No monitor or mirror is included in this kit. 

Customer Reviews

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2010-2013 toyota tundra HD camera kit W/ OEM wire harness

2012 toyota tundra 4x4 5.7l double cab. This kit is way cheaper than OEM! Plug and play! Plugged into main wire harness connector behind bumper on right side by spare tire under the box. The wire harness is longer than it needs to be but with a zip tie, bundle the extra and good to go. Camera is good quality and has a good picture. Tailgate handle isn't as good as OEM. Not as sturdy, has more flex but it looks and fits OEM. Overall happy with this kit and would recommend to anyone.

Willie Shoats

2010-2013 Tundra HD Camera Kit With OEM Wiring Harness

2010-13 Tundra HD Camera

The latch is not quite as heavy duty as the oem one…. I can feel it flexing as I pull the handle. But, it works. The camera itself is very clear and plugged right to my oem harness. I may purchase a head unit to get a larger picture than the rear view mirror monitor has, but it’s a good picture nonetheless. This camera kit is far less expensive than the Toyota one, but works well.

Edward U
Worth more than I paid!

I can’t believe Toyota dealership wanted $800 for the camera alone. I was going to hire a local car installation place to install it, but I knew I just had to push past my laziness. It took about 30 minutes from start to finish. The handle isn’t as sturdy as the original. But definitely not flimsy as to break, it just feels a little lighter when opening the handle. But the wiring was simple to plug into the adapter behind the bumper under the bed. And the videos quality is great on my rear view mirror. Far worth more than what is being charged.

Stephen Franklin
Works and installed simple

I wanted to stick with OEM Specs. This installed perfect fit , and plugged right into my 2012 Toyota Tundra.

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